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Cancer care is a team effort. The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) provides a multidisciplinary, how-to perspective to support you and your team in providing exceptional patient care. ACCC represents cancer care professionals from every discipline in oncology—working in every care delivery setting. From private practices to hospital-based cancer programs, large healthcare systems, and major academic centers, ACCC addresses the most critical issues in quality cancer care delivery.

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From our award-winning peer-reviewed journal to our blog posts and wildly successful podcast, ACCC communications provide a solutions-based approach to educating oncology professionals.

Precision Medicine

ACCC develops comprehensive Precision Medicine resources that bring clarity to complex patient care decisions. Designed for multidisciplinary cancer teams, the resources enable clinicians to make educated and holistic decisions that can positively influence patient outcomes.

Featured Resources 

  • Biomarker Lexicon: Explore the many terms associated with the different areas and applications of cancer biomarkers.  
  • Biomarker Toolkit: Read about the four key elements needed to develop a precision medicine program that successfully incorporates biomarker testing 
  • MRD Testing Implementation RoadmapNavigate how to lay the groundwork for MRD testing, prepare your care team, implement testing, and evaluate ongoing progress. 

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ACCC offers practical, problem-solving resources for multidisciplinary professionals working in the cancer care community. Take advantage of abundant opportunities to experience our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, expand your business knowledge, and navigate a complex and ever-changing healthcare delivery system.

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